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South Sudan (Republic of): Provide customs clearance services on behalf of United Nations agencies offices based in Juba, South Sudan

09.30.2013 · Posted in NGO / Non Profit Jobs

Organization: UN Children's Fund
Country: South Sudan (Republic of)
Closing date: 16 Oct 2013


Date: 24/09/2013
Ref.: RFP/JB/13/16-2


Wishes to invite you to submit a proposal to:

Provide customs clearance services on behalf of United Nations agencies offices based in Juba, South Sudan

SEALED Proposals should be sent to:

UNICEF Supply/Logistics Office
Request For Proposal: RFP/JB/13/16-2
Address: UNICEF, Juba Office, South Sudan, Toto Chan Compound, Juba.


The reference RFP/JB/13/16-2 must be shown on the envelope containing the Technical Proposal and on the envelope containing the Price Proposal, as well as on the outer packaging containing both envelopes.

The bid form must be used when replying to this request for proposal.

The Proposals MUST be received by latest 12:00 am on 16/10/2013 at UNICEF, South Sudan, Juba Office and will be publicly opened the same day at 12:00 am at the same address.

Proposals received after the stipulated date and time will be invalidated.

It is important that you read all of the provisions of the request for proposal, to ensure that you understand UNICEF’s requirements and can submit a proposal in compliance with them. Note that failure to provide compliant proposals may result in invalidation of your proposal.


THIS PAGE/BID FORM must be completed, signed and returned to UNICEF. BID must be made in accordance with the instructions contained in this Request for Proposal.

Any Contract or Purchase Order resulting from this INVITATION shall contain UNICEF General Terms and Conditions and any other Specific Terms and Conditions detailed in this INVITATION.

Any request for information regarding this INVITATION must be forwarded by fax or email to the attention of David Hayes (, with specific reference to the Invitation Number.

The Undersigned, having read the Terms and Conditions of RFP/JB/13/16-2 set out in the attached document, hereby offers to supply the services specified in the schedule at the price or prices quoted, in accordance with any specifications stated and subject to the Terms and Conditions set out or specified in the document.

Signature: _____________________________________
Date: _____________________________________
Name & Title: _____________________________________
Company: _____________________________________
Postal Address: _____________________________________
Tel. No.: _____________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
Validity of Offer: _____________________________________
Currency of Offer: _____________________________________

Please indicate after having read UNICEF Payment Terms which of the following Payment Terms are offered by you:

10 Days, 3.0%______ 15 Day, 2.5%_______ 20 Days, 2.0%_________ 30 Days, Net________
Other Trade Discounts: ______________________

How to apply:

closing date: 16 October, 2013 at 12;00 noon


Full proposals should be submitted in ENGLISH and must be received not later 16/10/2013 at 12:00 am in three (03) original copies, duly signed and dated. Bidders must submit a sealed proposal, with two separate sealed envelopes inside for a) the Technical Proposal and b) the Price Proposal.

Sealed proposals must be securely closed in suitable envelopes and dispatched to arrive at the UNICEF office indicated no later than the closing time and date. They must be clearly marked as follows:
• Outer envelope: Name of company
RFP number
UNICEF South Sudan, Juba Office

Address: Toto Chan Compound, Juba.

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